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Barrister-at-Law, Arbitrator and Mediator in his 12th year of practice, based in the Law Library, Dublin and on the South-Eastern Circuit. Associate Tenant at Clarendon Chambers in London from 2010-2011. Founded Warrenside Chambers in 2012. Door Tenant at 1215 Chambers from 2015. Involved with  75 Alternative Dispute Resolution processes either at hearing, pre-hearing advices or by way of applications to the High Court with the disputes having a value anywhere between €1,000-€5,000,000.
Further Information:
Panel Member for Legal Services maintained by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement and Refugee Legal Services.  Member of the Panel of Adjudicators of the Private Residential Tenancies Board. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and accredited mediator. Part time law teacher at Dublin City University and the Law Society of Ireland from 2006-2010. FLAC volunteer in Dublin from 2004-2008; volunteer at Northside Community Law Centre from 2003-2008. Contributor of articles to legal journals, reports and digests cases.
Involvement in legal organisations:
Member of the committee of the Irish Society for European Law (2005-2008); co-founder of the Irish Society for European Law's Competition Law Forum in 2008; sub-committee member of the Irish Society for European Law from 2008-2010; Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Ireland branch sub-committee (2006-2008) and (2010-2012)
and sub-commitee member of the  Leinster Bar (2007-2011. Treasuer Leinster Bar (2012-). Committee member Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Ireland) Branch.
Selected Court/Legal Work:


(i) Appeared at An Bord Pleanala planning appeal for a local resident objecting to a proposed development in Dublin 4.


(ii) Appeared with colleague at an Irish Sports Council grant appeal for an Olympian.
(iii) Appeared in High Court, sitting at Waterford in a personal injuries case led by two senior counsel.


(iv) Appeared for an employee at the Employment Appeals Tribunal in a claim for unfair dismissal.
(v) Appeared for applicants at Refugee Appeals Tribunal hearings.


(vi) Documents assistant in a Commercial Court case that was subsequently compromised for €800,000.


(vii) Appeared for Plaintiff in Attachment and Committal proceedings brought in High Court. Defendant had failed to pay more than €500,000 which was the balance of a court award due to the Plaintiff.
(viii) Appointed arbitrator in October, 2007 in a dispute that had a claimed value of c€25,000; which was later compromised for €12,500 and issued an agreed award to reflect settlement.
(ix) Acted for both Plaintiff and Defendant in Circuit Court personal injuries proceedings. Recently secured €19,500 settlement for Plaintiff in one case.  
(x) Provided advices to a sporting body and later a charity under terms of Bar Voluntary Assistance Scheme.  
(xi) Acted for plaintiff suing building contractor and architect in Circuit Court proceedings for €19,046. 
(xii) Instructed to act for plaintiff in High Court  personal injuries proceedings that were later settled for €49,000 before the trial of the action. 
(xiii) Appointed arbitrator in December, 2008 in a dispute which had  a claimed value of  €38,000; which was later compromised for €20,000 and issued an agreed award to reflect the settlement. 
(xiv) Appeared for Respondent in Attachment and Committal proceedings brought in family law list in High Court.
(xv) Acted for defendant, in High Court, acussed of driving a vehicle which crashed into Plaintiff causing her personal injuries. Defendant denied being driver and MIBI and owner of vehicle were the second and third defendant's in the case.  
(xvi) Appointed in July, 2009 as an Arbitrator in a dispute between a consumer and a garage over whether a second hand car sold for c€15,000 was fit for purpose.  
(xvii) Advised on liability in threatened ICC Arbitration wherein claim was for €115,000 inclusive of interest. 
(xviii) Acted for applicant wife in interim proceedings seeking maintenance from husband.
(xix) Appointed in 2010 as an Arbitrator in a dispute between a consumer and a garage over whether a car sold for around €60,000 was fit for purpose.
(xx) Applied for a dispute with a value of €3.9 million to be entered into Commercial List led by Senior Counsel.
(xxi) Acted in maintenance and access proceedings in Circuit Court.

(xxii) Brought security for costs motion in High Court, led by Senior Counsel,seeking €150,000 in costs or whatever part thereof was ordered by High Court-underlying dispute valued at €300,000.
( xxiii) Brought attachment proceedings in Circuit Court.

(xxiv) Opposed injunction application over return of car.

(xxv) Had receiever appointed.
(xvi) 0; issued an agreed award for c €12,500 in December 2007.  
Taught  380 hours during nine academic years-
2004/5;2005/6;2006/7;2007/8;2008/9; 2009/2010; 2011/2012; 2012/2013 and 2013/4
Recent classes:
(a) Part time lecturer in Employment Law; Media Law and Information Technology Law at Dublin City University during 2006/7 academic year- taught 36 hours of classes in three different schools within the University.
(b) Tutor in European Law at Law Society of Ireland in 2006/7 and 2007/8 taught for 15 hours.
(C) Part time lecturer in Employment Law and Information Technology law at Dublin City University during 2007/8 academic year taught for 10.5 hours.
(d) Tutor for 6 hours on Chartered Institute of Arbitrators introduction to arbitration course in 2008.
(e) Tutor  in Administrative Law at the University of Limerick for 2008/9.
(f) Tutor on Diploma in Corporate Governance for Law Society of Ireland during 2008/9.
(g) Tutor on 'PPC1' civil litigation course for Law Society of Ireland during 2009/10. 
(h) Guest lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology during 2009/10 speaking on Arbitration.
(i) Lecturer in Company Law and Jurisprudence at Dublin City University during 2009/2010 for 44 hours. 
Books, Articles, Case Reports and Book Reviews.
Books as co-author:
Arbitration Law, Thomson Roundhall (Dublin, 2008) 
Books, as a contributor:  
Case Digest 2004, Thomson Round Hall, (Dublin, 2005) 
ISBN 1-85800-411-X.

European Current Law Yearbook 2006, (London, 2007)

ISBN 978-1-84703-096-2.

European Current Law Yearbook, 2008, (London, 2008)
ISBN 978-1-84703-644-5 
European Current Law Yearbook 2010, (London, 2011)
Book Reviews:
Has reviewed Professor Margaret Moses' work on International Arbitration for Arbitration, journal of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (review published in 2009)

Reviewed 'Appropriate Dispute Resolution' to be published in Irish Law Times at later date.
Chapters Reviewed Prior To Publication:
I reviewed and commented on part of Martin Canny Barrister at Law's Limitations of Actions (Thomson Round Hall, Dublin 2010) as shown in the preface.
I revied and commented on part of Derek Dunne Barrister at Law's Judicial Review of Criminal Proceedings (Thomson Round Hall, Dublin 2011) as shown in the preface.
Case Reports/Digests: 
I have reported or digested around 300 cases:
Case Digest Editor-
Irish Current Law Monthly Digest [58 editions from 2004-2014]:


[ICLMD 2004- 6,7,8,9,10,11.


ICLMD 2005- 1,2 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10,


ICLMD 2006- 2,3,4,5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11


ICLMD 2007- 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11


ICLMD 2008- 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 12
ICLMD 2009- 1,2,3,6,7,9 and 12
ICLMD 2010- 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9 and 10


ICLMD 2011- 6.


ICLMD- 2012- 2.
ICLMD- 2013-4
ICLMD - 2014- 1,2, 3]


Reporter,  Employment Law Reports [21 editions from 2005-2014]:


Volume 16, 4. [July, 2005.]; Volume 16, 5 [October, 2005]


Volume 16, 6 [December, 2005]; Volume 17, 1 [March, 2006]


Volume 17, 3 [August, 2006]; Volume 17, 4 [October, 2006]


Volume 17, 5 [November, 2006]; Volume 18, 2 [May, 2007]


Volume 18, 3 [June, 2007]; Volume 18, 5 [October, 2007]
Volume  18, 6 [November, 2007]; Volume 19, 1 [January 2008] 
Volume 19, 3  [June, 2008]; Volume 19, 4 [September, 2008)


Volume 19, 6 [December, 2008]; Volume 20,3 [May, 2009] 
Volume 21, 1 [January, 2010]; Volume 21, 4 [August, 2010]  
Volume 22, 1 [Feb, 2011]; Volume 23, 3 (June, 2012)
Volume 24, 2 (April, 2013)



Have written, or co-authored,  26 aticles in Irish and English legal journals. Some of which have been published as two or four part articles.


1. Bar Review: April 2004 .

(2004) 9 (2) BR at 90.
'The Call to the Bar In Other Jurisdictions'  2004) 9 (2) BR at  80he Call To The Bar In ther J
.2 Irish Law Times: June 2005.

(2005) Volume 23, Issue 11 ILT at 170- 176.

‘Recent Developments in the Regulation of EU Securities Markets.’


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‘The Rule in Dunnett v Railtrack Clarified?’


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‘The Effect of the Proposed Directive on Certain Aspects of Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters on Mediation in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.’


7. Irish Law Times, (2007) Volume 25, Issue 10- 13 ILT.

‘The Irish Law of Arbitration an overview.’ (Four part article.)

co-author with Derek Dunne B.L.


8. Commercial Law Practitioner: July 2007.

(2007) Volume 14, Issue 7.

An Overview: The Electricity Regulation (Amendment) (Single Electricity Market) Act 2007.
9. Article on www.lawlibrary.ie  on Legal Commentary section:
The Electricity Regulation (Amendment) (Single Electricity Market) Act 2007.
also published  in the  European Current Law Monthly Digest (2008). 
(May 2008 edition.)
10. ' Mediation Privilege: A Moveable Feast.' 
Commercial Law Practitioner, March 2008. 
11. 'Obtaining Appointment As An Arbitrator.'
Bar Review in April, 2008.

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14. ' Arbitration: The Award on Costs'
Co-author with Derek Dunne B.L
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19.  'Arbitration and ADR: A Comment On The Circuit Court Rules After S.I No 539 of 2009.'
2010 Arbitration and ADR Review 134.
20. ' Recourse To Arbitration: Back To First Principles The Necessity For A Dispute To Exist'
Commercial Law Practitioner, 2012.
21. 'Dublin: The Irish Arbitration Act: Two Years On.'
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22.  '
Ireland as a venue for International Dispute Resolution.'
Irish Law Times, 2012 volume Issue 8.

23. 'Irish Alternate Dispute Resolution: A 2012 Overview.'
Young Arbitartion Review, online journal based in Lisbon.

24. CIETAC arbitration article
Global  Arbitration Review in May 2012 .
25. 'Arbitration To Wither On The Vine'
Commercial Law Practitioner, may 2012 volume 19, number 5.

26. 'Irish Lawyers Behind European Journal.'

Global Arbitration Review, July 2012.


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